Our Focus: (developing cohesive and productive teams)

Mindworks Team days are team days with a difference!

Using our passion and expertise of brain-friendly training, we will utilize ideas and processes to challenge and develop the individual and group thinking to go well beyond what they ever thought possible, AND have fun whilst doing so.

All our Teams programs are tailored to meet the needs of the group with whom we work.

If it is outside our scope of expertise, we will happily guide you to other talented colleagues who may be able to assist. Your targeted Aims and Outcomes are our goals …

Our Courses: (designed to motivate, stimulate & escalate your teams success)

Possiblity Thinking smlPossibility Thinking: Flexing the Mental Muscle for Change Management Team Building

You can go beyond what you think is possible. This programme aims to explain how an understanding of how the Mind works can assist us in looking at change as an opportunity rather than a series of daunting obstacles.

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braindrwingwheelPower Thinking

Strategies for Higher Level Thinking & Innovative, Creative Brainstorming
It would be ideal if you had a main lesson you would like to review or improve so that the day can have immediate benefits in your classroom.

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flexingMaintaining Sanity in a World of Change

This workshop is unashamedly about Rekindling your Spirit with simple techniques to maintain both the passion and the vision. The impossible IS possible, as long as we take time to work with our brain’s natural cycles, and have a mindset of flexibility.

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