Possibility Thinking for Change Management Team Building

How Teams and Individuals can Flex their Mental Muscles for Business & Personal Success …

Laurie KellyAs we move into the 21st Century we are heading towards a time of even greater change. Change, we are told, that will totally alter the old ways we have done things.

Personal change can be desired, or it can be thrust upon us. The willingness and ability to change can often daunt us – yet it can also offer exciting opportunities.

What is required is a mental shift. A shift in thinking that will allow us to take advantage of the change and see it as an opportunity to get balance back into our lives and enjoy living with all the abundance that success brings.

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Expected Outcomes

Participants will leave the workshop:

  • Excited about their possibility thinking – focusing on the opportunities rather than the obstacles
  • Knowing about whole-brain thinking and half-witted behaviours
  • Accomplished in ways to access the Alpha level of thinking, as well as working smarter not harder
  • Alert to their thinking patterns and the ways that they could be ‘sabotaging their success’
  • Focusing on their Vision and Visualizing for Success – ‘Sports Psychology’ in a daily context
  • Understanding that the different personality types in the team can enrich and enhance the team’s overall performance
  • Skilled to handle the stress of workloads, client expectations, family commitments, friends etc….

Programme for this Professional Development Day

Session 1: Working Smarter

Yes – you can teach an old dog new tricks! Session 1 is where we look at how we all learn differently, take information in differently, and how we need to be open to different ways of doing things if we are to maximize our potential in “Working Smarter.”
This is an interactive, fun session with participants experiencing all perceptual learning styles, and understanding the role of Brain Dominance and the need for openness to ideas that might be different to those we might normally hold.
We begin with some basic activities to build mutual understanding and knowledge about each other and the benefits of working as a Team.

Session 2: The Alpha Levels of the Brain

Yes – you can feed a tired brain – some “working smarter” tricks! As busy professionals in the ‘knowledge age’, we need to understand the concept and skills of Whole-Brain thinking, and the importance of physical and mental integration. This leads into an understanding that it is in the Relaxed state that our brain fully utilizes higher order thinking. Serious sports people and athletes would never contemplate competing without the routine of both mental and physically warming up. So, too, there
are physical movements and mental exercises that allow us to think more clearly and creatively with dynamic results. There are ways to centre ourselves and begin to take control of our mental processes.
In this session we will explore some of the new research in Quantum Physics and link it to what we know about Brain wave patterns. We will explore the idea of stress management through an understanding of this research, with practical exercises and tools that will be built on throughout the workshop.

Session 3: Possibility Thinking

Yes – you can go beyond what you think is possible! This session is devoted to an understanding of how thinking works, and how we can be our best coach or worst saboteur in achieving our goals, merely by the words that we use or by relying on old past successes
have on the body in a physical way.

In this part of the session we will also look at Spencer Johnston’s ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ It is a story to challenge us to be always ready for change so that we can enjoy the journey and not automatically be daunted by it. There are skills you can learn that will assist us to thrive with the challenge and pace of modern day change.

The power of self-talk will figure highly here, as will the positive and negative effect this self-talk can that can limit our movement forward.

We will also look at Stephen Covey’s ‘Circles of Control and Influence’ and the need for our body’s health sake alone, to be proactive in our interactions and dealings with others. We will also experience the detrimental effect of ‘blame’ on our own bodies.

Session 4: The Balance

Yes – you can juggle lots of balls – it’s called living! This session unashamedly challenges the participants to the fact that if they want to take good care of their clients and team members, they must first begin to take care of themselves.

Like all the other sessions, there will be simple skills taught that will make the world of difference in how we build our Stress Hardiness and Re- kindle the Joy in all aspects of our lives, especially our working environment.

Session 5: Vision & Visualization

Yes – you can set yourself up for success! In elite level sport, Visualization is a vital skill. It is the ‘mental advantage’ in many key performances.

To be able to visualize success you have to have a Vision. Some time will be set aside in this session for participants to be involved in a process of re-visiting their Vision and matching it to their benchmarks for success, in both their
personal and working lives. This will then lead us into a process of ‘Visualizing the Vision’ and tapping the unused potential of our creativity.

Mindworks specializes in helping participants to ‘Flex their Mental Muscle” so that both mundane and creative tasks can be done easily and flow more smoothly.

This workshop is great to recharge the batteries, and to take stock of where we are going individually and as a business team.