Power Thinking

Strategies for Higher Level Thinking & Innovative, Creative Brainstorming

Eric smallIt would be ideal if you had a main lesson you would like to review or improve so that the day can have immediate benefits in your classroom.

Workshops held In-house throughout Australia- we come to you.
Coffee at 8:45am for 9am start through to 4:30pm.

Presented by Eric Frangenheim.

For Managers, CEO’s, Facilitators, Organisational & Departmental Heads.

Course Description

Today’s Managers and Business Leaders need to be more switched on than ever – alight with bright ideas and innovative ways to tackle problems and find creative solutions.

You can use the old ‘tried and true’ methods, sure – or, let us make you “even better” by attending Eric Frangenheim’s “Power Thinking” workshop designed specifically for Mangers, Team Leaders and anyone in a position where insight and creative thinking are valued and expected. Do you want to get some good thinking and action from your meetings?

Overcome creative blocks with clear cut, concrete benefits from experiencing and utilizing over 14 strategies designed specifically to help you ‘think outside the square’ and see opportunities, potentials and solutions to improve you and your Team’s productivity and success.

Eric passionately believes that good thinking comes from good direction and good processes. That is exactly what you will leave this workshop with. Gain a creative advantage…and gain a number of new strategies to power your way forward to better creativity and results.

Course Content

Power Thinking – Harness the Creativity

Breaking the bonds of Meeting Madness

Power Thinking! Thinking Outside The Square! Dynamic Thinking!

Call it what you will, but this Seminar, run by Eric Frangenheim, is one of the best on offer to provide you with fresh, new, innovative ways to “think outside the square” and ensure your meeting material is truly understood and absorbed by your audience and ‘brainstorming’ for solutions and ideas encompasses your entire team with productive results.

Eric has been running these highly successful and much loved seminars for Mindworks for some years now, and participants leave raving about their newly acquired skills and how much they will instantly benefit from them. Discover the secrets to higher order thinking and problem solving and learn how our strategies can harness the thinking power and therefore produce innovative creativity from your entire team – not just the ‘vocal few’.

This seminar is perfect for:

  • Managers looking to improve the level of interest, input and participation in meetings with their staff that will lead to more successful creative outcomes.
  • Facilitators seeking innovative skills to help draw the best in creative thinking from their groups.
  • Trainers looking for ways to achieve higher level learning for their audiences

Eric will deliver a hands-on presentation that will have you participating and experiencing his innovative tools to assist Manager, Facilitators and Trainers to get their teams working effectively together with:

  • problem solving
  • creative thinking
  • information gathering
  • brainstorming
  • higher order learning, recall & retention of presented material

Participants who attend this workshop will learn to:

  • involve everyone in the discussion
  • give the introverts a go
  • excite the team about the possibilities
  • make staff and other meetings more effective
  • save everyone’s time and patience
  • improve co-operation among staff members
  • discover techniques to ensure each person will be heard (not just the vocal few)
  • improve the level of discussion, debate and decision-making
  • how to promote the conditions for objectivity and harness the energy that can arise from conflicting viewpoints
  • get groups to focus on possibility thinking rather than negative blocks
  • foster the “thinking” mind-set
  • make work and everyday situations become so much easier.
  • create “higher-order” thinking
  • produce better results, products, effects and conclusions.

Over come creative blocks and get the thoughts ‘flowing’. Organize creative impulses and make those random thoughts gel together. Expand and refine your creative ideas and don’t let them fade away for want of a little fine-tuning – our strategies will show you just how to do that quickly and easily. And follow those ideas through to fruition, stand back, and watch your results soar!

Participants will be able call on at least 12 alternatives to brainstorming and able to pull out techniques whenever they need to get their groups to come up with new ideas and ways of thinking.

The will learn to use the following techniques to:

  • improve meetings
  • get groups working & thinking together – creatively & innovatively
  • identify & hone into key points
  • break topics and problems down more efficiently for further, in-depth analysis and creative problem solving
  • employ new ways of sharing information, group to group
  • improve & extend on gathered information
  • ensure imparted subject matter is fully learned, understood and retained
  • deliver content beyond the norm – higher level learning means higher level retention & understanding of content

Our processes include:

  • Round Robin
  • Noisy Round Robin
  • P.M.I
  • Decision Making Matrix
  • K.W.L.
  • 1:4:P:C:R
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Hot Potato
  • And many more….

This workshop also demonstrates how Facilitators can move from “showing” a group to “guiding” it gently to its conclusive result.

Any training that we do has to be practical, skills orientated and fun. We will “ walk the talk” so the participants will experience good processes which they, in turn, can adapt to their own training to make it even better than it is now.

The benefit of the training being in-house is that we can specifically looking at how the ideas can be utilized in your situation.

These tools are fun and if people are enjoying themselves they will learn and engage freely. But it’s not all fun and games; our tools are serious strategies designed to get at the heart of any discussion, highlight key points and focus in on what your whole session is ultimately targeting.

Bring fun, excitement and a sense of victory to your meetings with these new Strategies – and Power Think your way to future success!